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~~~~~~~ Bennie LeBeau aka Blue Thunder ~~~~~~~

                                      Teton Rainbows Non-Profit:  
        VIISIONS LIFE FORCE FOUNDATION: Registered No. 1112598

        Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites Mother’s Day, May 11th 2008

Listen to Blue Thunder's Radio Show aired on December 13, 2007Blue Thunder was a guest on this Radio Show on December 13, 2007
              Listen to Blue Thunder's Audio Recording from June 12, 2007
           Read about Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader,
                                     who passed on July 10th  

                 Read the latest Elders' Message - July 5, 2007

                                  Article sent in June 23, 2007

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                    APRIL 2007: 
                    Ceremony at Mt. Shasta
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Stop the Not-Divine Strake Action

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Click here to read Blue Thunder's Message to the many cultures that worked together on the May 13-14 Ceremony

Ancient Knowledge from the Past to the Present
Click here to see the photos of Blue Thunder with Dr. Emoto in Japan.
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